YAMAHA R6 2017-2019 large additional oilradiator

Lower Panigale 1199 1299
14 February 2020
R1 2015 Additional Oilradiator
9 April 2020

YAMAHA R6 2017-2019 large additional oilradiator


YAMAHA R6 2017+ large additional oil JMRACERADIATOR + kit

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YAMAHA R6 RJ27 (2017-2018-2019) large additional oil RACERADIATOR + KIT

This oil cooler comes with:
– Installation from the Radiator in our workshop. NOTE: YOU CAN NOT ORDER JUST THE RADIATOR.
– 2 Dash 08 (black) oil hoses.
– 2 aluminum water pipes
– 1 oil adapter plate with 2 O-rings and washers to attach the Sandwichplate to the Engine.
– 50cm. silicone hose in color blue
– Delivery time approx. 6-12 weeks
– Warranty: 2 years

– Used in the IDM, CIV and CEV
– For oil only. So do not fill up with water or coolant.
– Delivered without grille. Price for stainless steel radiatorguard/protector: € 60.00 incl. 21% VAT.

– Assambling this Oil radiator is not easy. We recommand the installation in our workshop or Yamaha R6 mechanic. For mounting the oiladapterplate ( at the position from the heatexchanger!) you need to use Locktite 577.

With this cooler, the temperature stays well below 85 degrees on warm days. Watch out! Does not match the original exhaust system. ONLY WITH AKRAPOVIC (EVOLUTION) COMPLETE SYSTEM. NOT WITH ARROW, Leo vince, Yoshimura.