R1 Original Large Radiator

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20 September 2020
R1 2CR Superbike kit
27 November 2020

R1 Original Large Radiator


Fits stock and trackbike R1 2CR
M.Y. 2015-2020

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R1 Original Large cooler for R1 2CR model year 2015-2020

The big advantage of this cooler is that it is 30mm. is thick instead of 22mm.

* Including racing cooler cover 2.0 bar
* both (2) original fans. So you can use this large cooler on the road vehicle
* Without stainless steel grille (euro 120 incl.21% tax) additional to purchase in the shop
* 2 year warrenty

With this cooler you no longer have the problem that your engine gets too warm on the racetrack.
With this cooler the temperature remains around that on warm days.

We also recommand to install the additional Large Oilradiator together with the Samco Bypass kit. We guarantee water5temperature drop from -20 degrees.
This means that your oil temperature will drop too, which is a big advantage for the R1.
Make note that this is a kit for a (fast) racebike and that you need to Duc-tape the waterradiator in cold conditions.
Operating temperature must be around 75 degrees.

If you have any question, feel free to ask. We have sold this Waterradiator to many fast riders in Germany and The Netherlands in the past years.